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It’s our ranches, our beaches, our little apartments in the city…We’re laid back, yet stylish and sophisticated. We’re classic, yet still so fresh and new. If we want to, we can entertain outdoors all year round, wear Louboutin slingbacks in the heart of winter and create an interior space, contemporary or classic, that, uniquely, fits right in.

I love it here. The juxtaposition of city life, ocean breezes, mountain air, and open space. It’s where I grew up, lived, and learned. And after all of my travels, I always return. It’s the look and the feel of this place, of California, that consistently inspires, and has always made me feel, at home.

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Clutter Free in 4 Simple Steps

1. STORE IT, IN ITS HOME Everything in your home or office should have a home- a consistent and appropriate place where that object is normally kept. some items that you use every day may be on display and/or readily available for frequent use. Other items, like holiday decor or out of season clothing, can be stored in an out-of-the-way area until needed.

When an object strays from its "home", it can easily be misplaced, thus causing stress and frustration. Clutter build-up naturally occurs when items are not kept and/or returned to their homes.

2. GIVE IT When you have something that you never use, giving it to someone who will make use of it can really brighten your day. Give it to a friend. Pass it on to a relative. Or, put it in a special Charity Box and make a donation to a favorite organization once a month.

3. SELL IT Need some spending money? Consider selling those thigns you don't use. Hold a rummage sale. Sell them to a consignment shop. Or, try an online auction company, like eBay.

4. DUMP IT Items that are outdated, faded, broken, or otherwise unusable can often be dumped. If you don't want it, and you don't know anyone else who wants it, dump it today! You'll be freeing your space - and your mind!

Call me and I can help to eliminate YOUR clutter!

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