Welcome to Mary Nicole. Stay Awhile.

It’s our ranches, our beaches, our little apartments in the city…We’re laid back, yet stylish and sophisticated. We’re classic, yet still so fresh and new. If we want to, we can entertain outdoors all year round, wear Louboutin slingbacks in the heart of winter and create an interior space, contemporary or classic, that, uniquely, fits right in.

I love it here. The juxtaposition of city life, ocean breezes, mountain air, and open space. It’s where I grew up, lived, and learned. And after all of my travels, I always return. It’s the look and the feel of this place, of California, that consistently inspires, and has always made me feel, at home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Growing up, everyone knew that girl-the one who was always perfectly coiffed, impeccably dressed, and, damnit, on the honor roll. Sure, sometimes you had to resist the urge to trip her, but mostly you were dying to know how she managed to make it all look so . . . effortless.

Lucky us that one of those girls is willing to help the rest of us look and feel a lot more pulled together. And the secret, as it turns out, has to do with a little thing called organization.

Mary was clearly born with a proclivity for color coordinated closets, file folders, and seating arrangements, and after gaining experience working with Pottery Barn buyers, fashion retailers, & the folks at InStyle magazine, she's become a veritable expert on the art of living well. Adding a touch of style and class to everything she gets her hands on (including you), Mary brings professional experience-and her irresistible that girl charm -to all of her clients.

So, whether it's re-vamping a closet and stocking it with the latest must-haves or putting your homes and offices into tip-top shape, Mary makes sure that your life runs smoothly-and that you look good.
-EJ, Los Angeles

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