Welcome to Mary Nicole. Stay Awhile.

It’s our ranches, our beaches, our little apartments in the city…We’re laid back, yet stylish and sophisticated. We’re classic, yet still so fresh and new. If we want to, we can entertain outdoors all year round, wear Louboutin slingbacks in the heart of winter and create an interior space, contemporary or classic, that, uniquely, fits right in.

I love it here. The juxtaposition of city life, ocean breezes, mountain air, and open space. It’s where I grew up, lived, and learned. And after all of my travels, I always return. It’s the look and the feel of this place, of California, that consistently inspires, and has always made me feel, at home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Deep Breaths...and Baby Steps

Life can be overwhelming at times. Decisions, deadlines, timelines, and to-do lists. It's life in the city. When I find my head spinning and not knowing which step to take, nor the direction in which to take it, I take a step back. (And sometimes, call my mom- yes, at 32, I'm still calling my mother.) I know that it will all get done and do my best to remember what's most important... for that day, and in my life. It's different for everyone, but perspective, and a few deep breaths, gets me back in gear. Baby Steps.

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